Singing Voice Rehabilitation: The Essential Role of the Singing Teacher in the rehabilitation team

A Masterclass with Leda Scearce

Wednesday 7th November 2018, 4 pm – 7 pm

Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Seminar Room 2174

International Speaker: Leda Scearce (Singing Voice Specialist)

PLEASE NOTE: This event is NOT running as an ‘add-on’ to the National Meeting in Adelaide the week before.

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Singing Voice Rehabilitation: The Essential Role of the Singing Teacher in the rehabilitation team

A Masterclass with Leda Scearce

Wednesday 7th November 2018, 4pm – 7pm

Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Seminar Room 2174, University of Sydney. 1 Conservatorium Road, Sydney NSW 2000.

We are delighted to welcome international keynote speaker, Leda Scearce, CCC-SLP, MM, MS.

Event Speakers

International Keynote:

Leda ScearceLeda Scearce (NC, USA)

Leda combines her extensive performance experience as a classical Soprano with her roles as a speech-language pathologist and voice teacher. She has worked as a voice teacher for over 30 years, serving on the artist faculties of Bowling Green State University, Meredith College, Brigham Young University of Hawaii and the University of Southern Maine. In 2004, she obtained a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Boston University. As a graduate SLP student, she completed an internship in voice disorders and voice rehabilitation for the performing voice at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. She is currently Clinical Singing Voice Specialist, Clinical Associate Faculty and Director of Performing Voice Programs and Development at the Duke Voice Care Center and Duke University School of Medicine, where she provides rehabilitation therapy to singers,



The singing teacher plays an essential role in the rehabilitation of the injured singer. Working alongside a team of health professionals, it can sometimes be unclear how to best meet the needs of the individual singer when they are also working with a speech pathologist. This workshop will provide a framework of understanding the scope and benefit that both professional roles bring to successful rehabilitation of the injured singer. Similarities and differences in approaching teaching singing in the context of a voice lesson versus voice therapy will be explored and discussed. Leda will work with singers to provide illustrations of how the voice lesson and voice therapy contexts converge and diverge, and to clarify the line between the singing voice lesson and voice rehabilitation.

Guidance will also be provided for singing teachers base don Leda’s work in using motor learning principles to guide skill development.

*The program for this AVA workshop is correct at the time of publication. However, the Australian Voice Association (AVA) reserves the right to change dates/times, the program and speakers without notice as a result of circumstances beyond its control.

Who is this event for?

This event is for singing teachers, speech pathologists & voice teachers.


The AVA has not arranged any special accommodation for the event.

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