Maintaining & Extending Vocal Fitness – Mary Sandage – 2nd Chance Webinar


On Saturday the 5th September at 9 am AEDT – Associate Professor, Mary Sandage presented a fascinating 90 minute Webinar on “Vocal Fitness”.

Any discussion of vocal fitness requires a basic understanding of muscle physiology and fitness training principles. Once the physiological framework for exercise training has been established, vocal fitness can then be discussed from the perspective of that framework.

This lecture from Mary Sandage scaffolds basic muscle training principles with the basic literature that characterises human intrinsic laryngeal muscle fibre physiology and the variables that influence vocal performance. With the end goal target vocal requirements in mind, a stepwise approach to vocal fitness will then be considered and discussed. Implications for vocal training, reducing fatigue and improving fitness will be discussed in light of current challenges and varying vocal demands.

This webinar will be of great pertinence to speech pathologists, vocal coaches, singing teachers, ENT surgeons specialising in voice, occupational voice users, and anyone with an interest in vocal exercise and sustainability.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grab this 2nd Chance webinar whilst it lasts – the final exciting AVA Invited Speaker Series Webinar for 2020!

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On Saturday the 5th December 2020 at 9 am AEDT – Associate Professor, Mary Sandage presented a fascinating 90 minute webinar on Maintaining & Extending Vocal Fitness.

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